Staying Connected With Your Team – Part 1

We are adapting to working from home and practicing social distancing. We prefer to say, Physical Distancing, Socially Connecting. Working from home can actually be a productive experience. However, people who aren’t used to this method of work might:

  • Find it easy to lose focus and get off track
  • Feel disconnected from their team
  • Have trouble seeing how their tasks fit into the overall team goals

Suggestions For Working From Home

  1. Develop a schedule and routine | Just because you’re not at the office, doesn’t mean you can’t create a structured environment.
  2. Take advantage of technology | Utilize video conferencing as well as good old fashioned phone calls to connect with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.
  3. Separate work from personal time | Without the physical barrier of the workplace, it’ll be more difficult to separate work duties from home life. Make time to interact with your kids and family. Have meals and schedule time to socialize with your loved ones, separate from work time.

One way to help teams work remotely is to regularly interact even if remotely. As the team building experts, we thought we would share some ideas on how teams can stay connected & engaged during this era of working remotely.

Staying Connected With Your Team Series

Two Truths and A Lie

Start off a video conference call by injecting some levity with this “Getting to Know Each Other” activity.

  • Group Size: 4 to 15 participants
  • Length of Time: About 3 minutes per participant
  • Benefit: People get to know each other better in a fun way

Step 1: Each person makes three statements about themselves — something not found on their resume.
Step 2: The rest of the group has to decide which of the three statements is a lie.

Terrapin Tip: We suggest that the statements revolved around non-work related things; hobbies, places you’ve traveled, favorite foods, special skills.
Rules of the Game: Lies shouldn’t be too difficult to detect. For example, saying that you have six siblings, instead of five, takes away from the spirit of the game.

Benefit to Your Team: By revealing tidbits about yourself, your co-workers get to know you a little better and thus become more comfortable talking with you and tackling challenges together.

Customized Team Building Programs

When your team is ready for a more comprehensive face to face Team Building Program, you can speak to a Guest Relations Specialist here at  Terrapin Adventures to help you plan your customized event!

Contact us by phone at 301-725-1313 or inquire here.

We have run programs for over 3,000 groups — at our unique Savage Mill location or at remote places like a company’s office space or conference centers and hotels.

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