Staying Connected With Your Team – Part 5

Virtual Team Building:
Diving into the Decision-Making Process

Companies don’t make decisions in a silo. Typically, it’s a team effort to come to a solution. This is a challenge under normal circumstances, and it’s even more difficult while we are apart from one another.

Virtual Team Building eases the pressure of decision-making and creates a cohesive unit that’s able to freely share ideas!

This week’s exercise offers teams a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level and provides insight into an individual’s decision-making process. The more you know about your team, the more efficient your collaboration will be — even while working remotely!

Staying Connected With Your Team Series

Virtual Team Building Exercise:
Down the River

Using a prepared Google Doc that will have two blank columns. Team members will have the opportunity to make life-changing decisions and different paths to get to their destination (as shown below). They can choose the path going “Up the River” or “Down the River” — by simply writing their name under the preferred choice.

The group leader can pose life-choice questions such as:

  • Would you choose to enter college or the job force after high school?
  • Would you choose to sign up for military service or volunteering for social programs?
  • Would you rather inherit 1 million dollars or work every day for a higher annual sum?
  • Do you prefer spending time at the beach or on a lake?

The key is that the questions have only two possible answers — up or down the river.

Using the team answer Google Doc, write their name in the appropriate column. A group discussion should follow that covers the What, Why, Who, When, and How we make our decisions!

Terrapin Tip: Instead of a Google Doc — teams could have participants stand up for either of the choices. This way you can add some movement into your next Zoom meeting!

The questions and group discussions should be customized to fit your team goals. You don’t have to use the ones we suggested — it’s just a starting off point!

Facilitators at Terrapin Adventures utilize story-telling techniques and group engagement to ensure a meaningful experience for all participants.

Benefit for Your Team: This is a great activity to show your team the similarities and differences in their personalities and decision-making processes. It also reinforces the importance of talking and working through disagreements in a productive manner. You may learn that your closest work friend is an avid kayaker or that the boss cheers for the same obscure sport as you do!

Down the River Team Building Exercise Example

Question: Hope in our time machine! If you were starting over, would you choose to enter college after high school or enter the workforce immediately?

Down the River (Enter the workforce) Up the River (Attend college)
  • Team Member 1
  • Team Member 3
  • Team Member 4
  • Team Member 2
  • Team Member 5
  • Team Member 6
  • Team Member 7

Discussion: Some potential questions to ask:

  • How did your current life situation impact your decision?
  • Why did you change what you did? — Or — Why did you stick with the path you chose?
  • Who else did you consider when making your decision?

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