Our Team

Our staff is specially chosen for their technical skills and ability to make your visit memorable and entertaining.

Terrapin Adventures all began with our Chief Adventure Officer, Matt Baker when he decided to forge the next thrill in his life from the ground up. Matt received his MBA from the University of Maryland, is Wilderness First Aid certified, and has a 30 year track record of running successful businesses. He has traveled the world seeking adventure from the glaciers of New Zealand, to the Rockies, to the Serengeti plains of Africa, to the cloud forests of Costa Rica. He finds joy in helping people improve their performance when it comes to working together. His specialty is guiding groups on various types of adventures and has extensive experience exploring the wonders of Central Maryland.


Jeryl Baker is Director of Marketing. Jeryl provides us with over 30 years of marketing, environmental and community relations experience to insure that we are good neighbors and good stewards of the land. Please let her know how she can make your experience even more enjoyable.

Your Guides

We are very proud of our guides, they all have extensive training, love the outdoors and care very much about providing our guests with an exceptional experience; All are CPR and first aid certified.

Daniel Baker – Guest Relations Manager
prior to joining TA, Daniel was in charge of Digital Communications at teh JCC of Greater Washington. Before that, he was a producer at SiriusXM for five years — and now, he’s ready to produce the best day for you and your group! He’s traveled to 24 countries (and counting) and wants to share his zest for adventure with you. Highlights of his travels include exploring Europe, backpacking in the Grand Canyon, trekking to Machu Picchu and a Safari through Tanzania. Every day presents a new opportunity to create, learn and, most importantly, have fun! Daniel has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Brett Self– Operations Manager
Brett has worked with children in a daycare setting as well as a summer camp counselor and supervisor for 3 years. Brett’s passion for the outdoors stemmed from his rock climbing history, reaching back 13 years and has been participating in many outdoor activities and sports for as long as he can remember. After graduating high school he spent time in Alaska participating in both ground and sea tours, most notably in Denali state park. In 2015, Brett spent a month backpacking in Europe where he ran with the bulls and played soccer on the beaches of Nice, France. He always enjoys being outside, rock climbing, playing soccer and football, or playing with his dog, Lana. He graduated from Howard community college with an associates degree in 2014 and in 2016 he earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Stevenson University. Brett began his team building career with Terrapin Adventures and developed a knack for facilitation with a creative (but mostly sarcastic) flare.


Brian Gehrdes

Brian hails from Annapolis Maryland and grew up with an appreciation and passion for both the water and the wilderness. He’s spent time exploring the mountains and rivers of the east coast, the heights of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the windswept soggy peaks of mountainous Western Ireland. He is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified. He attended University of Maryland for a degree in English and Literature. When not joking around, he enjoys spending time rock climbing, exploring the vast expanses of space, and honing his skills as a guide and good time facilitator.

Matt Beck
Matthew “Matt” Beck is an Adventure Guide that has been with Terrapin Adventures since 2013. Matt started his team building career due to his love of studying leadership and his want to help teach and develop similar skills and traits in others. Matt draws on his experience from his 12 years as a scout in the Boy Scouts of America and 6 years serving in United States Marine Corps to help facilitate leadership development. He also uses his vast outdoor experience and both his Military and Civilian CPR and First Aid training, as well as a Wilderness First Aid training, to successfully lead groups on both our course and our many out trips. Matt’s favorite team building  activity is the Nitro Swing with Gator Boards Crossing, as it is a fun and physically challenging  event, but also requires several different leadership attributes. Matt loves to partake in any  outdoor activity, but his favorite place to be is in the mountains where he can enjoy both  fishing and swimming in the lake and hiking and climbing in the woods.


James Chittim
Growing up, James spent time living in Spain, California, and Japan. He is open water scuba, as well as CPR and first aid certified. He is currently attending UMBC, graduating in the fall of 2017, for a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Technology Administration. He has been an employee of Terrapin for 3 years; his favorite team building activity is Zoom because it makes participants work towards the same goal with different perspective, which he thinks is pretty cool. He got into team building because “Nothing beats being able to bring people together”. When he was a child, he fell in a gorilla exhibit in Cincinnati. In his free time James enjoys rock climbing, paddle boarding, and shouting motivational quotes from the sidelines at marathons.

Emily Minter
Emily is the camp director at Terrapin Adventures. She studied dance for two years at Slippery Rock University before pursuing travels abroad. Emily thrives when working with children and has been doing so for 7 years. She decided to pursue a career in team-building after her experiences attending and counseling Girl Scout sleep-away camp for most of her life. Team building is an exciting way for her to give back to the community after the way it changed and affected her life. Emily is also trained in Wilderness and Remote First Aid. Her favorite team building activity is the king’s finger because it challenges groups to make concise plans and the reward afterwards is well worth the planning time. Aside from adventure activities, Emily has a passion for art, the color yellow, rock climbing, and lots of glitter.

Susannah Waldman

Susannah is currently a student at UMBC, studying Human Geography and Environmental Studies. Susannah is also an avid outdoorswoman. She likes spending as much time outside as possible, whether it is taking her kayak out for a spin, backpacking, or just taking her dog out for a walk. Susannah has spent three months backpacking through Tanzania on a  National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course, she has backpacked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Massachusetts, and she loves to take her kayak out on the Chesapeake Bay.

Susannah is a NOLS graduate, a a Wilderness First Responder, and figures to have spent over a year of her life inside a tent. She even spent a spring living in Santiago, Chile where she studied Spanish.


Amber Slattery– Social Media Manager/ Guide

Amber is currently a student at Anne Arundel Community College for an associates degree in American Sign Language. She has been an employee of Terrapin since the fall of 2015. She is First Aid and CPR certified. Her favorite team building activity is Rear View Mirror because it stimulates overcoming challenging communication situations, reinforces a lack of blame in miscommunications, and strengthens reception skills. Her first experience with an adventure course was at camp as a child, sparking her love of heights and adventure. In her free time, she often hikes throughout central MD and spends time skiing/tubing on the Chesapeake Bay.

Steve Cohen is a native of Maryland and first experienced the excitement of the outdoors as a Boy Scout which introduced him to many of the activities that he would pursue through the years; water sports, hiking, mountain and road biking, skiing and a love of new challenges. Having discovered windsurfing in the early 80’s, this passion has taken him to Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Brazil, Venezuela and the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Raising three daughters with his wife Barbara resulted in a seemingly nonstop calendar of events ranging from coaching soccer and lacrosse to breaking boards in karate classes. Now after a successful career in real estate development, Steve has set his sights on learning to speak Spanish, kite boarding and helping others to have outdoor adventures.


Stephanie Fredrick

Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is first aid and Wilderness and Remote First Aid certified. Her favorite team building activity is All Aboard because it encourages team work, coordination, and out-of-the-box thinking. She got started in outdoor work by volunteering for a Younglife camp while attending college in Arizona. She was once bitten in the face by a copperhead and now has snake superpowers.


Phil Smith

Phil grew up near the Pennine Mountains in England and retains a love of the rugged and bucolic English outdoors.  Now a dual national, he enjoys hiking, biking, skiing and rafting both in the US and around the world.  He has rafted the Colorado, Chattooga, Ocoee and other rivers; climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and all the major peaks of Britain; and been charged by a black momma bear in Tennessee and a male grizzly in Denali.  In 2015 he climbed Half Dome in Yosemite and Huayna Picchu in Peru, and hiked the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal and jungles in the Amazon.  His formal education is also broad: his Bachelor’s degree is from London University, his Masters from NYU, and his Education Certifications from Georgia.  He has over 40 years’ experience leading children, youth and adults in team building, experiential and classroom learning, simple fun and extreme thrills!


Rachal Rehling

Rachal, born and raised in Highland Maryland, first became interested in outdoor activity through a summer camp. Through rock climbing, scuba diving, dance, karate, and other activities, she has grown to love the joys of being active. She currently studies at Howard Community College for a generalized degree in General Studies. She has traveled to several countries around the world including the Switzerland Alps and Italy’s fine Amalfi coastline. She looks forward to continuing her gorgeous trips over the years to come and exploring their unknown treasures.