Activities at Home: Indoor Zip Line

When you can’t go outside for adventure, you can bring the fun inside! Learn how to create your very own Indoor Zip Line!
This fantastic Activity at Home teaches ingenuity and offers lots of room for creativity. We can’t wait to see you at our course to try out our real-life Zip Line.
Every camper at Terrapin Adventures enjoys our unique Zip Line as well as tons of other awesome outdoor adventures. We have week-long adventure camps for kids ages 5-15 years old!


Indoor Zip Line

Materials Needed

  • Rope, or a spool of string or twine
  • Binder clip
  • Clothespin or Carabiner (one that fits through the binder clip opening)
  • Stuffed animal or keychain
  • Chair


  1. Tie the rope or string or twine to the base of the chair
  2. Tie the other end to a window or an elevated point
  3. Terrapin Tip: Be sure to create a 45-degree angle!
  4. Attach the binder clip to the stuffed animal or keychain.
  5. Connect the carabiner or clothespin to the binder clip loop
  6. Clip the clothespin or carabiner to the top of the string — and let go!

Instructional Video

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