Why Team Building Matters

Team Building Matters

Team building helps teach your group how to trust one another, communicate efficiently, and, yes, work as a team.

We have all become enamored with technology and social media. Certainly both are excellent tools at enhancing productivity and connecting with different audiences. But the key to success in businesses is getting the most out of human capital: team building. In the final analysis, people need to interact with people. Poor interpersonal relationships have hurt more companies than anything else.

  1. Lack of Trust will impede any progress.  People have to get to know each other before they can establish a working level of trust.  Through small steps, people within a firm get to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and rely on each other.  A small assignment that is done on time and well can go a long way to building trust.
  2. Poor Communication is the largest impediment to getting things done.  People receive a message but not necessarily “get” the message.  That is because much of how we communicate is non-verbal, via body language and tone.  These are difficult to understand via a text message or email.  A helpful tip is to provide a feedback loop to the sender of the message so both parties are clear on what is expected.
  3. Innovation comes through Creative Problem Solving.  But how do we remove the blinders that constrain our thinking.  Recognizing that people approach problems from their point of view (background, training, prior experiences, their role within a firm), teams can learn to appreciate different perspectives and thus be open to new ideas and approaches.  Rather than saying we never do it that way or it won’t work, try to see the problem and solution from a new angle.
  4. Most Work Requires Collaboration. Complex projects and assignments require multiple departments and divisions.  Often these people are not in the same physical space as well.  Thus it is important to develop and execute a plan with some people taking leadership roles and others supporting the team.  You can see that if there is no trust, good communication or creativity, productivity becomes stalled and performance suffers.  Most work comes with constraints or changes during project, which slows productivity even further.
  5. High Performing Teams Get More Done.  Teams that trust each other, communicate well, well new ideas and collaborate well perform better.  But how to develop these skills?  Taking your team to an off-site event can help improve team performance.  Team members get to know each other, have an energizing shared experience, and are better able to solve problems and wrinkles that come up.

Now you understand why team building matters and we hope you’ll be able to improve your staff and your bottom line if you give it a try.

Matt Baker, Chief Adventure Officer, Terrapin Adventures

Team Building with Terrapin Adventures

Terrapin Adventures is conveniently located in Howard County, Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington DC. We offer both custom onsite and offsite team building solutions.

Our Team Building Programs knock down group barriers allowing your team to work efficiently and cohesively as a productive unit. Our custom programs provide for exciting activities that bridge the gaps in communication, improve cooperation, and expand your group’s problem solving skills.

Following each event, our facilitators sit down with your group to discuss the exercise and help build a foundation for lasting change.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Nice article — I am reading a book on this topic.