Communication Keys: Listen With Your Eyes and Ears

CommunicationWhen you meet someone, ever notice their posture and expression. Are they friendly, cautious, confident, aggressive, or passive? Much of what people say has nothing to do with their words. Their body language indicates whether they are open or closed, interested or not. It’s important to Listen With Your Eyes and Ears. Communication involves more than verbal cues. While words are important, it is also important to understand if your audience is receptive to your message or if they are just being polite.

Deciphering Body language: Eye contact and a forward posture indicate they are engaged. Crossed arms usually means they are closed but they could also be cold.

To get a feel for your audience, ask an open-ended question that requires the respondent to put together their thoughts. This will provide a hint to whether they are receptive to your message.

They Got It, But Do They Get It?

In this age of electronic communication, we are quick to communicate, often in an abbreviated fashion. People may get your text, tweet, email, or voice mail, but do they get it? To ensure you not only received the message but also understand it, paraphrase it back to the sender, while being specific about the who, what, where, when, and why? This takes time, but the specificity will prevent misunderstandings later.

Team Building: The Key to Better Office Communication

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