Top 10 Essential Items to Bring Backpacking

Allison Schiller

Allison Schiller

Top 10 Essential Items To Bring Backpacking

When backpacking the first items you think of to pack along are backpack, sleeping bag, boots…all the normal essentials. But next time, bring along a few from the list below and I promise you you’ll never go on a backpacking trip again without them.

1.  Bandana- You can do pretty much anything with a bandana. You can wear it, clean dishes with it, filter water through, wrap food up, bandage up injuries and so on! I always bring at least two with me when I go out on trail.

2.  Playing cards-When not hiking, its always nice to have something to do, and there are countless games and activities you can play by yourself or in a group with a pack of these.

3.  Hot Drink-At the end of a long or short day, its great to have a warm drink to have before crawling into your sleeping bag. It also a great way to meet other people on trial, offer a cup and make a new friend!

4.  Extra Socks-These are awesome, nothing better then finishing off a day, taking off your socks and shoes and relaxing in a dry clean pair of socks.

5.  Back up Garbage bag-I always carry one with me because it makes for a great rain guard as well as can carry various items and you wouldn’t be upset if it broke or got lost.  It can also keep your clothes dry in your pack.

6. Spice Kit-Never underestimate a good spice kit while on trail. Most of the normal backpacking foods can be made 100% better depending on what spices you have with you…hot sauce is awesome as well.

7.  Water flavor packet-Not only do these make your water taste better, but most of them now have an extra energy booster to keep you moving and alert.

8.  Camera- You would think this would be one of the first things you bring, but not always. You never know when your going to see that moose dancing with the bears!

9.  Gummy Snack-These are a quick tasty way to gain a little energy when your lagging behind. Best part is they don’t melt and when hiking with kids, make great motivation to keep moving along.

10.  A little bit of Duct tape- It can fix anything…it really can. From a rip in a thermarest pad to being used as a band-aid, never leave home without it!

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Alison Schiller, Assistant Manager and Trips & Tours Manager Terrapin Adventures 

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