Team Building Tip of the Month: Food For Thought: Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?

In a May 2012 Atlantic Monthly article, Stephen Marche talks about how technology and social media are good at helping people connect.   People are able to stay on top of what is happening within the business community and within their personal sphere of family and friends. While social media has enabled us to get or stay connected with many more people, many of these connections are superficial. We wonder, is social media making us lonely?

Social Media Illustration

Is social media making us lonely?

Many more people are in single person households now.  Computers and smart phones have enabled us to stay connected with people as we deal with the ex-burbs, and long commutes. 27% of households today contain only one person compared to 10% in 1950.

In 1985 only 10% of Americans said they had no one with whom to discuss important matters, and 15% said they had only one such good friend.  By 2004, 25% had nobody to talk to, and 20% had only one confidant.  In the face of this social disintegration, we have essentially hired an army of replacement confidants with huge increases in clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors and therapists to share our personal thoughts.

Many would argue that having a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account has helped them get more connected.  They are able to keep up or reconnect with people far away or who have gone in different directions.

No matter what your take on the subject, take time to make connections with people. When someone asks you, “Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?” Now you have an answer. Pick up the phone, post to your social media account, react to others postings, get together in person and enjoy the human experience.

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