Stretch Your Team’s Limits With This Team Building Exercise

Battle Complacenecy  with this Team Building Exercise

The concept of team building is simple: break down barriers and stop complacency.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

If you are not moving forward in business, you are moving backwards. It happens all the time. A business finds success, settles in, and maintains the status quo. Then, whether one year down the road or 10 years down the road, another business comes along with a bigger and better idea, making you, your product, and your company obsolete. Complacency: it’s the worst mistake a business can make.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, complacency is defined as “a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better : a complacent feeling or condition.”

The problem: it can happen without employees or managers even realizing it. So how do you ensure your employees, your company never settles for the status quo? You constantly challenge them to be better.

Stretch Your Team’s Limits with “The Wall,” a Classic Team Building Activity

Physical Activity: Hard

Equipment: The Wall

Lessons Learned: The concept of this classic team building activity is simple. Get your ENTIRE team up and over the wall with nothing more than what you have on you. The biggest problem: how do you get that last person over? The Wall will challenge your team’s problem solving ability and will force them to work as a cohesive unit.

How will your team handle this challenge? How will they communicate? Who will take on leadership roles? Will they conquer the Wall?

Team Building with Terrapin Adventures

Located between Baltimore and Washington DC, Terrapin Adventures is uniquely suited to provide a custom Team Building solution for any company, both onsite and offsite. Presented in a fun and creative way our facilitators will lead your group through unique events designed to break down barriers, foster communication, and help stretch the limits of your team.

Serious Team Building partnered with Serious Fun!

If you have any questions about Team Building and fostering better communication and collaboration, please call Terrapin Adventures at 301.725.1313, email us at, or fill out the contact form on our website. You can also follow Terrapin Adventures us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeGoogle+, and Pinterest for up-to-date information on events, trends, and other fun and exciting outdoor activities.

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