Team Building Tip: Great Leaders Tell A Story


Great leaders are great communicators. They capture our attention by engaging us with stories to educate, influence and inspire us to act.

Telling a story helps the audience relate to the topic, brings clarity and draws them in. Stories lend themselves to demonstrating emotion and feelings. President Ronald Reagan used his skill as an actor along with humor and personal stories to make his point to Congress and the populace earning him the label of the Great Communicator. Even people who disagreed with his stances could not help but like him and listen to his point of view.

Know your audience. Be careful not to talk down or use terms that are not commonly known. How often have you been turned off by people who overuse acronyms and “business speak” to complicate issues and sound important.

Engage an audience by asking them a question. Give them something to do or think about. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of his vision of the future and asked us to imagine an America where everyone was equal.

Make it personal. People give speakers highly credible ratings if the story is personal. Oprah Winfrey talks about issues weaving her own personal struggles into the topic to share and engage with her audience. As a result of this style she has incredible influence.

Challenge your audience to think differently. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer was not only passionate about thinking differently, he encouraged people to be non-conformist. Richard Branson of Virgin throws big bodacious ideas out there give us a goal and be creative.

Use humor, spontaneity, and change of pace. Comedian Robin Williams kept us on the edge of our seats because we were never sure what he would say, what tangent he would go off down and it made us think & laugh.

Be credible. News anchor Walter Cronkite developed a reputation for honesty and being earnest as he told us the stories of the day on the nightly news. He reported world events in a simple clear way to help us understand our world.

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Matt Baker
Chief Adventure Officer and Facilitator

Team Building Can Help You Become a Better Leader

Some people like facts and are very business like. Others need more preamble and information to understand and process your request. You need to understand your audience, their preferences and personalities and adjust your message accordingly.

Team building can help you develop your communication skills and become a better leader.

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