Getting Your Team to Like Each Other in One Easy Step: Team Building

Team Building

Team building exercises challenge your employees to work together to solve certain tasks.

The secret to success is working together as a team. Unfortunately, sometimes employees just don’t get along. And when this happens, it can not only hurt collaboration, but also productivity and even customer service. When employees are butting heads and things are not operating smoothly, it’s easy for certain tasks to fall through the cracks. When this happens, it is your customers/clients who suffer the most.

Quick Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict resolution is a daily occurrence in the workplace. Business owners, managers, and other authority figures must step in to quell arguments and restore order before the situation snowballs out of control. In many instances this is easy and simply involves sitting the two parties down to discuss the issue and come up with a solution that both parties can agree with. But what happens when the problem goes deeper? What happens when the conflict cannot be resolved quickly in-house? Quite simply, how do you get your employees to like each other?

Getting Your Team to Like Each Other in One Easy Step

That one easy step is team building. Presented in a fun and creative way, team building exercises, like the A-Frame (below), challenge your employees to step out of their comfort zones and force them to work together to solve certain tasks. In regards to the A-Frame, one person stands in the frame while everyone else on the team either takes up a position to spot that person or to help move the frame from point A to point B. The idea is to work together as a team to get the frame and the person safely to their destination.

A-Frame Team Building Exercise


Physical Activity: Medium

Equipment: A-Frame, Rope

Lessons Learned: The A-Frame takes a tremendous amount of teamwork and communication andshows everyone just how important each member of the team is to overcoming an obstacle. Each team member must play their individual roles, while also working as part of the greater team in order to get the A-Frame from point A to point B. How will your team handle this challenge? Will they work together for the common good? Who will take on leadership roles?

With one seemingly simple task, your team could be on the way to a much more productive and collaborative future.

Team Building with Terrapin Adventures

Terrapin Adventures understands business. Our Team Building Programs knock down group barriers allowing your staff to work efficiently and cohesively as a productive unit. Our custom programs provide for exciting activities that bridge the gaps in communication, improve cooperation, and expand your group’s problem solving skills.

Following each event, our facilitators sit down with your group to discuss the exercise and help build a foundation for lasting change.

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Terrapin Adventures is conveniently located in Howard County, Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington DC. We offer both custom onsite and offsite team building solutions. To learn more, please call Terrapin Adventures at 301.725.1313, or email us at You can also follow Terrapin Adventures us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeGoogle+, and Pinterest for up-to-date information on events, trends, and other fun and exciting outdoor activities.

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    Good Post! Team building is an important aspect of today’s workplaces. A good and collective team has become a necessity and employers should take adequate steps for this.