A Lesson in Teamwork from the Animal Kingdom

Teamwork may seem like a difficult concept for some groups to master. Yet, somehow, our furry and feathery friends display good teamwork instinctively. Seems like we could learn a thing or two from watching how they do things in the animal kingdom.

Good Examples of Teamwork in the Animal Kingdom

Teamwork Animal Kingdom

Ducks demonstrate tremendous teamwork when in the flying-v formation.

Ducks Fly Together!

Ducks are an excellent example of individuals coming together for the good of the group. As we learned from the movie The Mighty Ducks, “Ducks fly together!”

“And just when you think they’re about to break apart- – Ducks fly together!

And when the wind blows hard and the sky is black- – Ducks fly together!

When the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture-

Um. Okay. – Ducks fly together!”

Consequently, by flying together in a v-formation, scientists estimate that the whole flock can fly about 70% farther than they could individually without exerting any extra energy. This is because flying together helps reduce wind resistance, while also providing additional lift.

When your employees work together, they too can achieve some pretty amazing results without exerting any extra and unneeded energy.

Teamwork Animal Kingdom

Geese demonstrate teamwork by sharing the burden of leadership.

Geese Rotate Leadership

When the goose flying in the front of the v-formation – the leader – gets tired, it drops back to the rear of the formation and allows a new goose to takes its place and lead the flock. This sort of rotation can happen numerous times over the course of a journey. Similarly, good organizations allow its members to serve as both leaders and followers, depending on the task at hand and the member’s specific skillset.

Orcas are Expert Communicators

Teamwork Animal Kingdom

Orcas are great communicators, which is an important aspect of teamwork.

Orcas, better known as killer whales, are extremely intelligent and social animals that use a unique set of sounds – whistles, clicks and even screams – to communicate with one another. Similarly, when working in a group it is important to effectively communicate with one another. Without good communication, individual productivity not only suffers, but so does the group as a whole.

A little communication can go a long way.

A Lesson in Teamwork from Terrapin Adventures

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