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Have A Great Day With Co-workers

Experience our Corporate Team Building challenges and your group will find better, more effective ways to communicate and work with each other through a series of exciting and carefully designed Team Building activities.

Presented in a fun and creative way our group facilitators and guides will lead your group through unique events and provide debriefing sessions after the activity. These debriefing discussions are critical in bringing our educational learning activities into your group’s daily corporate workplace challenges. Expanding their potential to learn new things about themselves and the group is one of the goals of our Team Building programs.

First Step: In order to design a day that is customized to meet your own objectives and goals complete our Inquiry Form or call us at 301-725-1313. There are several options you can choose from including meeting styles, meals, or partial day to multi-day events. We will confirm your customized Team Building program prior to your event and call you to make sure everything is just as you planned.

Getting StartedRequest a Date

We want to know about your organization and its dynamics so we can customize a program to meet your division’s objectives and goals. Let us know the following:

  1. What products and services does your company offer.
  2. Your company’s recent historical milestones.
  3. Your group’s demographic make-up.
  4. Tell us about your internal and external issues that you feel require Team Building
  5. Tell us about the objectives and goals you want to achieve through Team Building.Client list
Corporate Team Building Maryland

Working Together for Common Goals

Why Terrapin Adventures?

Terrapin Adventures understands business. Our convenient facility located between Baltimore and Washington, DC is uniquely suited to provide a Team Building solution for any company. In addition, we can bring our Team Building Programs to you! We can travel to any meeting facility including hotels, conference centers, your office, school, or even a park. Team Building Programs can run from 2-8 hours to fit your needs.

Experience? Many of our facilitators have corporate expertise and years of experience guiding groups. Our years of experience in the corporate workplace allow us to apply the lessons we’ve learned to our Team Building Programs, in turn, achieving meaningful outcomes. Value is at the forefront of our Team Building Programs.

“You and your team had made our day. All activities and custom Catapult you and your team created for us was very well received and appreciated by my team members. They enjoyed the reviewing to the team after each activity and not just conducting it, but bring the value, reasoning, collecting thoughts and opening for discussion.
I could also observe clearly your message in action in second session of the day, especially with regard to planning, interaction and communication.”
Venkateswara Pallem, PhD Air Liquide, Delaware Research & Technology Center

Why It Works?Request a Date

Our Team Building Programs knock down group barriers allowing your staff to work efficiently and cohesively as a productive unit. Our custom programs provide for exciting activities that bridge the gaps in communication, improve cooperation, and expand your group’s problem solving skills. Breaking comfort zones to expand your group’s potential will be encouraged. Team Members participate through “Challenge by Choice” and will never be asked to perform activities they are not comfortable with.

Indoor Team Building Activities Baltimore

Team-building Involves Trust and Clear Communication

Importance of Reflection & Debriefing

After each exercise, our facilitators will stimulate the group to discuss what worked and didn’t work well. Our facilitator will ask how the group would change things for a different result. Finally we try to tie the lessons learned back to what happens in your work place or home. Failure is not a bad thing. In fact, groups learn more when they fail versus succeeding. We hope to create those “aha” moments that give participants real insight.

Team Building Process

Following our initial consultation, we will send a customized proposal with a variety of options. Prior to your team building event, our lead facilitator will call you to go over more specific ideas to make sure we have a successful program. At that time they will review logistics, meeting space, activities, and food if applicable.

Manor House Facility

Manor House Facility

Our Facilities & Amenities

Terrapin Adventures Team Building Programs can accommodate up to 200 people in a comfortable indoor setting and in our exciting Adventure Park which includes our Zip Line, Giant Swing, High Ropes, Tower, the Savage Mill Great Room and Rams Head Tavern. Through our relationships with local caterers we will make arrangements to provide delicious meals during your program and can include healthy high-energy foods.

In addition, wellness/spa programs to complement our Team Building activities can be customized into your program for a day we can guarantee your group will never forget.

Looking for a Multi-Day program? We will arrange for lodging and transportation.Request a Date

Off-Site Corporate Team Building Programs

Off-Site Team Building

Off Site Team Building Programs

We can even bring our Team Building Programs to you or at an off-site meeting facility including hotels, conference centers, your office, school, or even a park. Fantastic programs can be designed for partial days or multi-day events.

Sample Team Building Exercises PDF
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Our Facilitators

Our Team Building Programs are organized and often led by Chief Adventure Officer Matt Baker. Matt has been a leader and instrumental in helping run a variety of corporations for over 30 years. Matt has a keen insight and a successful track record on how to increase a company’s bottom-line through employee performance. Matt takes his corporate experience and applies it our Team Building Programs to help you solve problems and improve employee performance. Matt has extensive world-wide travel experience and is always seeking adventure from the tops of mountains of New Zealand, to the Serengeti plains of Africa, to the cloud forests of Costa Rica and the Amazon.

Connect with Matt Baker on Linkedin Here!

If you work in the Maryland, Baltimore or Washington, D.C. area our Corporate Team Building programs will exceed your expectations.Request a Date

We have programs for:  Non-profit Organizations | School Groups | Youth Groups | Tour Groups | Boy Scouts | Girl Scouts | Sports Teams