Team Building Encourages Collaboration & Improves Communication

Team Building Collaboration Communication

Terrapin Adventure’s custom team building programs are designed to improve communication and cohesiveness among your employees.

Communication is the backbone of any good business, but what do you do when your employees simply do not get along and refuse to communicate? Not only will productivity suffer, but, as a result, your business and your customers suffer as well. When your employees fail to collaborate, they cannot properly perform their jobs, which, in turn, diminishes your company’s level of service and strains your relationships with your customers. This can result in unhappy customers or worse – lost business.

Improving Employee Communication

Collaboration can make or break your business. Unfortunately, there are times when your employees just do not see eye to eye. As a business owner or manager, this can be an incredibly frustrating experience and one that you are simply not equipped to handle. So what happens when the issues go beyond your levels of conflict resolution? What happens when you do not have the resources to improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication in-house?

The Solution: Team Building!

Terrapin Adventures: Serious Team Building Partnered with Serious Fun!

Terrapin Adventures is conveniently located in Howard County, Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington DC. Our custom team building programs are designed to improve communication and cohesiveness among your employees. Presented in a fun and creative way, team building exercises, like the King’s Finger (below), challenge your group to step out of their comfort zones and force them to work together to solve certain tasks. These simple exercises help break down communication barriers and foster better collaboration, which will, in turn, help drive productivity, promote teamwork, and teach valuable life lessons.

Physical Activity: Medium to Hard

Equipment: Pole, Tire

Lessons Learned: In this challenge, the team has to work together to get a tire over a wooden pole. In order to do this, at least one person needs to be lifted into the air with the tire while the rest of the team works together to guide and spot the person/people in the air. This fun team building exercise helps promote communication, problem solving, and, of course, teamwork.

How will your team handle this challenge? Will they work together and succeed or will they struggle to cooperate? Who will take on leadership roles?

After the exercise, your group will sit down with their facilitator to discuss the lessons behind what they just did. This discussion is designed to reinforce these lessons and help ensure that the progress made during your team building outing sticks.

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The King’s Finger is just one example of the many different team building exercises that Terrapin Adventures uses to help your team reach their full potential. Get in touch with a Guest Relations Specialist today and ask about how we can help you plan your team building event.

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