Aerial Adventure Park

Zip Lines

A Zip Line lets you soar over the treetops from a secure harness and reach speeds of over twenty miles per hour. It’s easy to see why this aerial adventure has gained ever-increasing popularity at Terrapin Adventures Adventure Park.

You’re “zipping” speed depends on how long the cable lines are and the height difference between the starting point and ending point. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do any measuring or have to bring your protractor. Our experienced guides will help zip you to safety from start to finish. Safety is Always Our #1 Top Priority! Want the details? Of course you do! One guide will help secure our adjustable harness around your waist. The second guide stays behind and helps each person glide down the line where they are met and safely slowed to a stop. Ziplines are a safe and fun way to experience gliding through the forest at more than 20 miles per hour!

High Rope Courses

Ready to challenge yourself? Then our 3 level Rope Course is for you! The Rope Course at our Adventure Park takes you up to a daring 40ft in the air. How do you get to the Rope Course? As always, Safety First! Your harness is securely fitted. Afterwards, you will begin with an easy stretch and gradually work up to higher levels. But, to start – you walk across a cable bridge! YIKES! Want to know more? We challenge you to visit us! 🙂 If you have any problems whatsoever we provide guides who will lead you back down if you reach a level you are uncomfortable with. If you love climbing and enjoy a physical challenge, this is the perfect aerial adventure for you!

Climbing Wall

The experience of rock climbing has never been so accessible since the creation of wall climbing! Our Tower is 43 feet high and there are 12 routes up and down to keep you busy. Winter or summer – our rock climbing is fun in any weather!

A Giant Swing?

2 Gs of force get you excited? If our Zip Line caught your fancy – get ready for an aerial adventure riding our Giant Swing! If you’re looking for a truly thrilling aerial adventure, this one is for you! Who will scream with excitement first? Your friends – or you?

If you are seeking one of our exciting adventures, contact, and see all the experiences we have to offer.

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