A Fresh Perspective; Hiking in Savage Mill

“Get up off the couch and go outside,” I told myself! I was lucky to have the day off on what could possibly have been the warmest day in February 2012.

Hiking in Savage Mill

Those of us who live in the Columbia, Maryland area should consider ourselves extremely lucky. We have natural resources in our backyard! From Terrapin Adventures in the Savage Mill, it takes about five minutes to access four different trailheads with over fifteen miles of trail to explore. There is the Wincopin trail, both sides of the Savage Mill Trail, and the Patuxent Branch trail. All of which, while only minutes from major highways, are quite tranquil and filled with local flora and fauna.

So, on this beautiful day, I decided to explore the newly opened section of the Savage Mill trail. The trail begins at the top of the Mill parking lot and follows the Little Patuxent around to the old mill ruins. At the beginning of my walk I wasn’t expecting much, but with the noon sun shining and hitting the water perfectly I saw this area in a new light. The beauty of the area was amplified by the clear water and wildlife at almost an arms reach away.

Heron at Savage MillAfter passing some old rusted out bridge trusses I happened upon a heron and was able to snap a few quick pictures. It’s incredible that we can see such impressive animals with the ever-increasing encroachment of development around every corner. Around another bend in the river I came upon the small rapids where the water flow was quite high and impressive. The sound of thousands of gallons of water crashing around massive boulders is soothing and constant–providing contrast to its violent action.

During my hike, I had time to think, and I realized how incredibly rare and special it is to have the opportunity not only to see these wonders, but also to have the time to appreciate them. So as you sit at your desk and slave away, I urge you to take some time to get out; go outside and really see the nature surrounding you, even if it is only for five minutes. This can provide you with a fresh perspective so you don’t burn out in the haze of florescent lights. Go outside and get your first sunburn of the season in February, like I did! You will feel refreshed and renewed.

–Byron Bell

Byron is an adventure guide at Terrapin Adventures. He enjoys sailing, aggressive in-line skating and unicycling, and has extensive experience camping and hiking.

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