Terrapin Olympics

Healthy Does of Thrills, Teamwork &
Friendly Competition!

Your group is divided evenly into teams that will compete in a series of friendly and unusual team building challenges. Using a shotgun start, each team will rotate through events that stimulate communication, creativity, and teamwork. Each team will compete in three unique High Ropes Elements and two elements close to the ground on our Low Ropes Course.

Examples include: Noodle Drop: Each person will get a chance to ride the Zip Line with a foam noodle. The goal is to drop the noodle into a barrel held up by one of their teammates. Wet ‘n’ Wobbly: Team members transport water balloons through our High Ropes Challenge Course. The goal is to get all the water balloons safely through all the elements. To the winners: bragging rights & a special prize!

Check out our Party Add-Ons to enhance your event!

Cost: $69/Participant
Time Window: 4 Hours
Capacity: 16-50 Participants
Requirements: 8 years old*, 4-feet tall, 60-275 pounds
*Recommended for Ages: 18-years old and up

Tips for how to Book Your Party, Cancellation & Weather Policies, Directions, found below under “Before You Soar

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Party Add-Ons

Food Add-Ons
Enjoy one of our food options in our Party Room (Prices are per person):

  • Cake and drink:  Add $7 per person
  • Pizza and drink: (3 slices per person chips or cookies with soda/water): $11 per person
  • Healthy picnic lunch with sandwich or salad, drink, carrots and fruit: $15
  • Gourmet box lunch with sandwich/salad, side dish, dessert and drink: $23 per person
  • Rent our Party Room and bring your own food: $50.00 flat fee for 30 minutes

Party Add-Ons

– Add additional Zip Line, or Giant Swing, or Terrapin Flyer ride for everyone in the party: $10 per person
– Climbing Goodie Bags for each guest: $12 per person
– We can work with you to incorporate a theme for your party.

Before You Soar

Key Information

Reserve Your Spot: We highly recommend booking online at least two weeks in advance.

Check-In: Arrive 15-30 minutes before your Party to Check-In.

Requirements & Waivers: Everyone must meet all the minimum age/height/weight requirements for your party and complete a Waiver.

Appropriate Clothing: Wear closed toed shoes and dress appropriately to be active in that day’s weather. If it’s cold wear layers!

Equipment: Terrapin Adventures provides safety equipment: harness & helmet

Party Booking

Choose Your Date | Choose Your Party | Choose Your Start Time

Select the Number of Guests & Chaperones

– We suggest you reserve for the maximum number of expected guests.
– For Youth Parties, we suggest 1 Adult Chaperone for every 8 Youth Guests

Include any Add-Ons | Food, Party Room, Goodie Bags, etc…

Pay a 50% Deposit to Reserve Your Party

– You are only guaranteeing the payment for the minimum amount of participants — which is 8 participants. The remaining balance is due on the day of the event.

Inclement Weather Policy

We operate rain or shine. Unsure? Give us a call at 301-725-1313!

In the event of inclement weather — such as lightning, thunder, or high winds — we will work with you to reschedule your event.

Cancellation Policy

When you book a party, we schedule guides, block off resources and commit to vendors to make your event memorable.

Cancel more than 30 days before the day of your event = no fee to cancel more than 30 days out.

Cancel 30 Days or less from the date of your event = we keep the deposit paid upon booking. This money will be available as a credit towards a future event for the next 6 months. We can reschedule your group at anytime (based on availability), but you may be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.


We recommend that you type “Terrapin Adventures” into Waze or Google Maps, to get to the correct parking lot.

Our numerical address takes you to the other side of the Savage Mill

Special Notes

– All pricing is subject to the Maryland Admissions & Amusement Tax and Sales taxes.
– All packages that include alcoholic beverages can be substituted for non-alcoholic beverages.