Field Trips at Terrapin Adventures


Terrapin Adventures is all about people having fun, getting to know each other on a deeper level and getting outside your comfort zone.

My name is Matt Baker, I’m the Chief Adventure Officer at Terrapin Adventures and we provide meaningful and fun programs for all age groups.

It’s great to see these kids challenge themselves and it’s just good to kind of force them to think outside the box.

We’ve handled large numbers of field trips for schools and local camps.

I like how the youth, sometimes they argue, they’re in close quarters, but they come here, they get to see a different way to work with one another.

These kids do things that they wouldn’t do in the classroom. They learn things that they wouldn’t learn in the classroom and they get outside that comfort zone.

I like to see kids who be like I’m not getting on that and then they get up there, like the high tower.

We’re all about fun. It’s structured play. Everything we do has a purpose. When you’re having fun on the high ropes course or you’re team-belaying at the tower, you’re learning important skills about how to work together, how to interact and how to communicate.

I think it’s really helped the team gel. I love to see everybody just working together. People got stuck and I saw other players waited for other kids to come back and help them get through the course.

It’s all about being receptive and open to change and learning and trying new things.

The key is our reflections. After an exercise, the facilitator will actually pose questions to the group and get them to interact with each other and have a discussion about what it means.

And when we come back, we usually have a sit-down with them, like a review. It’s fun just to see what they were scared of, what fears they overcame.

It’s very enjoyable and rewarding when we hear back from the teachers or the parents about how their students really enjoyed their experience at Terrapin Adventures.

They realized, like OK, stuff that we were bickering over, in the past, it’s all a small thing. It’s a lot of challenges that they overcome when they come out here.

If people are interested, please reach out to use and we hope to see you soon!