Corporate Team Building


This is a special experience. Just a different adventure. It’s a lot of challenges that they
overcome when they come out here.

We love what we do here at Terrapin Adventures. I hire people who are genuinely passionate
about the outdoors, are friendly.

The key thing is, we are professionals in team building, here.

It’s a bit different than your sort of typical trust falls.

We use the fun features we have at our aerial adventure park — our zip line, our high ropes
course, our swing — to get people to get to know each other better, to get outside their comfort

It’s facilitated with someone who clearly cares about bringing the group together and creating an
environment where there can be some insights.

We’ll have a group go from maybe not knowing each other too well or not functioning as
smoothly as they could, to a high-performing team.

It was great to just see everybody in a different situation trying to physically exert themselves,
overcome their mental barriers and just work together to try and communicate how to navigate
the different courses up there.

In addition to our two acres, we offer a variety of indoor facilities for all your team building
needs. We cater to the groups by first having an important consultation. And then we come up
with different programs, different exercises, games and experiences that help meet those goals.

In one of the activities, where we were throwing balls to each other, it was a bit chaotic at the
beginning. But then we kind of got into a rhythm and we developed a pattern and some tactics.

We pride ourselves on what I call the guest-guide interaction. Our guides are part educators
about what they’re seeing, what they’re doing and will actually pose questions to the group and
have a discussion about what it means.

The facilitators did a great job, I think, of helping us look at what team dynamics we were
observing amongst ourselves, during the activity, and not stopping there, but then making the
application to the workplace.

If people are interested, please reach out to us and we hope to see you soon!