Our Team

Our staff is chosen for their technical skills and ability to make your tour memorable and entertaining.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker at Grand Tetons

Our team is led by Chief Adventure Officer Matt Baker. Matt has traveled the world seeking adventure from the glaciers of New Zealand, to the Rockies, to the Serengeti plains of Africa, to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, as well as the wonders of Central Maryland. He enjoys helping groups improve their performance by working together. His specialty is leading groups on all kinds of adventures and has extensive experience exploring the wonders of Central Maryland. Matt received his MBA from the University of Maryland and has a 30 year track record of running successful businesses.

Jeryl in front of Denali

Jeryl Baker in Denali

Jeryl Baker is in charge of the adventures on the ground. Her job is to make your day the best it can be and make sure all your friends and neighbors know about us. You will see her on the course during the weekends keeping everyone happy. Jeryl provides us with over 30 years of marketing, environmental and community relations experience to insure that we are good neighbors and good stewards of the land. Please let her know how she can make your experience even more enjoyable.

Your Guides
We are very proud of our guides, they all have extensive training, love the outdoors and care very much about providing our guests with an exceptional experience. All are CPR and first aid certified.


Steve Carne

Steve Carne

Steven Carne, General Manager is a recent Maryland transplant who originally hails from the left coast. He has worked as an adventure guide for the last decade and is passionate about teambuilding, experiential education, and sharing nature with others. He has trekked long stretches of the Ingaña through Peru, hiked the Appalachian Trail through Maryland in a day, and captained a team to Kayak Polo Nationals twice. It is also rumored that he makes a mean Angel Hair Carbonara. When not adventuring Steve keeps things organized and running smoothly at TA. Steve is a Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Trainer, and NOLS Semester Graduate.



Byron Bell

Byron Bell, Guest Relations Manager, Byron re joins the team at Terrapin Adventures after being stranded on a desert island in the Caribbean. With a love for the outdoors that seems to never end, Byron brings enthusiasm and years of experience in Ropes Courses, Climbing, and Team Building. Byron knows that just about anyone has what it takes to complete the challenges at Terrapin Adventures as he has tried them on unicycle.

Brett Self, Assistant Manager, has worked with children in a daycare setting as well as summer camp counselor and supervisor for three years now. Has been rock climbing for 11 years  and has been participating in outdoor activities for as long as he can remember. Most recently Brett spent time in Alaska doing ground tours of Denali state park. Brett also recently spent a month backpacking through Europe. He always enjoys being outside and playing sports or just hanging out. He graduated from Howard community college with an associates degree in 2014 and is presently attending Stevenson University in pursuit of a in Psychology.  Brett’s aim with a nerf gun is unrivaled.


Julian Paul

Julian Paul, Born in Germany and raised in Columbia, He is a student of sociology at UMBC. When not studying, Julian manages and races for UMBC’s collegiate cycling team. At age 12, he joined the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary and later went on to serve as the cadet commander for his squadron. He also serves as a member of his squadron’s Ground Search And Rescue Team. In addition to cycling and SAR, Julian has also dabbled around in sailing, and previously worked on the Chesapeake aboard the SV Pintita as First Mate. Some of his favorite memories include being half frozen in Patapsco Valley State Park during SAR training and biking down the Blue Ridge Mountains at over 50 MPH.


Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is a native of Maryland and first experienced the excitement of the outdoors as a Boy Scout which introduced him to many of the activities that he would pursue through the years; water sports, hiking, mountain and road biking, skiing and a love of new challenges. Having discovered windsurfing in the early 80’s, this passion has taken him to Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Brazil, Venezuela and the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Raising three daughters with his wife Barbara resulted in a seemingly nonstop calendar of events ranging from coaching soccer and lacrosse to breaking boards in karate classes. Now after a successful career in real estate development, Steve has set his sights on learning to speak Spanish, kite boarding and helping others to have outdoor adventures.

Ghadeer Mansour

Ghadeer Mansour is a Baltimore native, and recent graduate of Financial Economics and Political Science from UMBC. She grew up spending summers along the Mediterranean coastline of Egypt, which sparked her love for scenic nature and an outdoor lifestyle. Ghadeer has also traveled to Madrid, Casablanca and Jordan, and lead team building exercises for groups of all ages throughout college. Ghadeer loves to swim, played softball and lacrosse, and is CPR and first aid certified. She hopes to continue traveling the world and pursue graduate studies in London, concentrating on sustainable city design.