Virtual Field Trips

Stay Connected, While Learning Apart

Power of (Virtual) Play

Through carefully designed & engaging activities, digital communication is improved and social skills stay sharp! 

Experiential Learning

Our programs go beyond what’s taught in the traditional classroom setting — increasing collaboration & stimulating creative problem-solving techniques as students learn to work together, even while being apart!

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Sample Team Building Exercises

Virtual Field Trip Details

Activities Include | Virtual team building exercises tailored and customized to fit your students’ needs
Cost* | $15/participant
Program Time | 60 – 90 Minutes
Designed for | School Groups, Local Camps, Sports Teams, College Undergrad Programs, Religious Youth Groups, Student Tour Groups

*Each student will receive a promo code for a 10% discount on our Adventure Park.*

*Please note that prices are $3 more/pp on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

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Key Information

Group Size

Minimum Group Size | 24 participants

Maximum Group Size | 60 Participants

Subgroups | Groups will break down into even subgroups of 12 participants each (or as close to 12 as possible) and each subgroup will have a designated facilitator to take them through their team building program.

Chaperones | We require one teacher/adult chaperone for the entire group — to help monitor the class and ensure a smooth program.


How to Book

– Contact our Guest Relations Staff or fill out an inquiry form

– Our Guest Relations Staff will contact you to help select or confirm your:

– Program Date
– Program Time Window
– Number of expected participants & chaperones

Once confirmed, we’ll send a contract.

Once we receive your signed contract & form of payment back — be it a 50% deposit, payment in full or a guarantee of payment — we are 100% booked. Until that time, availability is subject to change.

Cancellation Policy

More than 30 Days Before Event Date: You may cancel, at no cost

30 Days or Fewer Before Event Date: Any amount you paid will be available as a deposit, good for 6 months from your originally scheduled event.

Visit Our Facility:

Type in our company name (not the numerical address) “Terrapin Adventures” into Waze or Google Maps for best results.

Terrapin Adventures
Savage Mill 8600
Foundry Street
Savage, MD 20763


Why Choose Terrapin Adventures?

Terrapin Adventures understands that children are striving to compete in school, music, sports, and extracurricular activities and that can be stressful. Our facility is like no other in Maryland and we can go off-campus as needed with our portable equipment and creativity. Our team leaders have many years of experience working with school age groups. Your program will be personalized to your groups needs. TA operates under the concept of “challenge by choice” so rest assured that team members will not be asked to do things that are not comfortable.

“We had a fabulous time! The kids had a blast and so did we. Tony was an awesome guide. He really knows how to relate to middle school kids. He kept them on their toes and thinking. They talked about the trip the whole way home. We will definitely be back next year.” Lindale Middle School

Why It Works?

Our programs focus on fun and having kids work together to learn. Through carefully designed uplifting activities, bridges to communication are built, cooperation is improved, and creative problem solving is unleashed. Participants will be encouraged to bend boundaries and extend comfort zones to expand their potential.

Sample Team Building Exercises

Curriculum Based Programs

Terrapin Adventures is proud to provide a fun and educational environment for your school. Our professional guides will happily facilitate a common core standard oriented experience. Our team building debriefs encourage evidence-based learning that can touch on broadly applicable Maryland specific and common core standards.

Students at Terrapin Adventures will be faced with team building challenges that will require effective questioning and defining of problems, analyzing and interpreting data they receive, and problem solving for solutions. Whatever your educational needs may be, we at Terrapin Adventures look forward to helping provide a fun learning experience.

Call our office to talk to one of our school group planners to discuss program options and rates, as well as check available dates. Or, fill out the Team Building Inquiry Form.