Local Summer Day Trip Ideas for Families in Maryland

maryland summer day trip

While parents would love to fill their child’s summer vacation with extravagant trips across the country – Disney World, Hollywood, the Grand Canyon, etc. – you don’t have enough vacation days and money to do everything. But it is still important to fill those summer months with fun and stimulating activities. All hail the mighty day trip! There are plenty of great activities around Maryland that not only take up less of your time, but also fit nicely into your budget.

Summer Day Trip Ideas for Families around Baltimore

“We encourage you to get out and explore our beautiful state,” says Nicole Donnelly, Macaroni Kid Annapolis. “From beaches to museums to state parks,” Maryland is home to boundless adventure!

Get Outdoors with Terrapin Adventures

The great outdoors shouldn’t be a great mystery for children. Still, “research shows that children are spending half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago – and much more time doing ‘inside activities,” writes researcher Juster, F. Thomas. So, it is important to fill your child’s summer with fun outdoor activities that get them off the couch and up and moving.

“Parents occupy a privileged position in terms of influencing their children’s physical activity,” says researcher Cheryl A. Zecevic.

Activities like climbing, hiking, biking, and kayaking are great ways to get out and be active with your kids – and Terrapin Adventures can help. We are the perfect destination for any family looking for a fun-filled day of outdoor adventure. Kids can jump, swing, and climb on the Terrapin Explorer, a ropes course built specifically for children ages five to 10. This two level course includes two zip lines, 20 challenging elements, and a 20 ft. high rock wall. Meanwhile, parents can join the fun on the full-size ropes course with three levels taking you up to 40 ft. in the air! Terrapin Adventures also features a climbing tower, zip line, Giant Swing, and the Terrapin Flyer. We also offer several guided tours and outdoor activities, such as, biking, backpacking, kayaking, caving, and geocaching. If you have four or more people, we can schedule a custom tour, or you can register for one of our upcoming tour dates.

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Clark’s Elioak Farm

Clark’s Elioak Farm is a fun and affordable day trip for families, featuring hay rides, a petting zoo, and some of the freshest produce in the area.

“Come out to the farm to see all our baby animals,” says Nora Crist, who is part of the family that owns Clark’s. “Our favorite are the bouncing, bounding baby goats.”

The farm is also the new home of several sets from The Enchanted Forest, a storybook-themed park in Ellicott City that sadly closed in 1990. Visitors to Clark’s Elioak Farm can re-live the fun, wonderment, and adventure as they find several of their favorite storybook characters, such as Humpty Dumpty, the old woman who lived in the show, Jack and Jill, and many more,  throughout the farm.

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Maryland Science Center

Want to exercise your minds? The Maryland Science Center has been sharing its love of science since its inception as the Maryland Academy of Sciences, Maryland’s oldest scientific institution, in 1797. Today, the Maryland Science Center entertains children and adults – spreading scientific concepts through fun and interactive exhibits for all ages.

“I love how interactive it is,” says Jenease Bridges of Capitol Heights, Maryland. “It’s so hands on and my son has a good time.”

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Port Discovery

Named one of the Top Five Children’s Museums in the country by Child Magazine, Port Discovery is perfect for children who want to exercise their minds and bodies. The perfect rainy day adventure, Port Discovery features everything from live puppet shows to the interactive water tables and the astounding five-story central play structure.

“Port Discovery is three levels of fun-filled rooms and exhibits where your kids can touch and climb on just about everything, from an indoor treehouse to a interactive soccer arena,” says, Alexis Aschenbach, Mommy Nearest. “You could easily spend the entire day here.”

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The Baltimore Zoo

A 135-plus acre zoo nestled in Druid Hill Park, the Maryland Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the country, and a great value for families looking for a budget-friendly day trip.

“No matter how young or old you are, there is something magical and exciting about a trip to the zoo,” says Michele Norfleet, USA Today. “It includes exhibits of 1,500 birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 200 animal species. The animals are housed in enclosures representing their natural habitats. Visitors observe polar bears cavort in their exhibit from an authentic Tundra Buggy, or get up close and personal on a camel ride. In the Maryland Wilderness exhibit, visitors learn about animals native to Maryland and visit the Children’s Zoo.”

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The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium first opened in 1981, with a mission to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures. The Aquarium is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top three aquariums and has hosted over 51 million guests since opening its doors.

“The National Aquarium is among the biggest and most diverse aquariums in the world, with species from all four oceans, plus lots of creative ways to interact with them,” says Evan Serpick, City Paper. “Peer down from the spiral of ramps in the main exhibit hall to see the giant sea turtles and manatees swimming below, or walk through the water tubes of Shark Alley to see sharks swimming all around you. The dolphin shows are a kid-thrilling must.”

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Patapsco Valley State Park

Patapsco Valley State Park is Maryland’s first state park, encompassing 16,043 acres and eight developed recreational areas, and more than 200 miles of trails. Potential activities include hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, horseback and mountain bike trails, and more than a few picnic areas.

Patapsco Valley is just one of the many parks throughout the county. Howard County is home to more than 50 regional, community, and neighborhood parks in total! Click Here to view them all.


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