Children can be fearless. But, even some of the most daring children can benefit from an educational confidence boost. Children ages 5-9, we have an adventure for you! Terrapin Explorer is here! Most kids in the five to nine years of age bracket are just learning how to interact with one another and how to solve problems and conflicts that arise in their lives. Our youth programs are designed using ropes courses for children ages 5-9 to teach kids these must needed life skills. Many of these programs encompass the educational activities we offer in our adult programs.

The Terrapin Explorer Ropes Course has 22 different fun elements that you can walk, balance, swing, zip, and crawl through. It includes two zip lines, two levels, 20 challenging elements and we even have a 20 ft. high rock wall.  All for one inclusive price of $25 per child for 1 hour of in the air fun. Your child will be required to spend an additional 30 minutes at the beginning of their time slot to gear up and go through our on the ground flight school.  All participants will also be required to climb over a 3 foot tall railing unaided prior to beginning the ropes elements. Parents can get a special combination deal on the Terrapin Tower so they are always in sight, or a family adventure. Great venue for birthday parties or youth group team building.

What a Ropes Course Teaches

A ropes course can teach your children life long lessons including:

  • Learn to work in a team setting
  • Increase trust
  • Increase confidence

Let’s face it – children love to crawl, climb, and swing. A ropes course for kids is designed much like children play. No matter the type of group including elementary school, boy/girl scouts, church group, or just adventurous ropes course program, they’ll enjoy a day of fun and come away with lessons about cooperation, leadership, teamwork and decision making processes. They’ll also get a self confidence boost and their positive risk taking will be supported. Imagine your child developing the leadership skills they need to lead their friends through a ropes course or the risk taking rewards they’ll gain when they take hold of a zipline for the first time.

Finding a course with qualified, experienced facilitators are important factors when choosing a place for your kids to try a rope climbing adventure. A ropes course for promotes growth without making kids fearful of trying new ventures. Children will have fun – but, hidden beneath the fun is highly educational lessons you children will remember for life.

For more information on programs offered for kids in Howard County, Maryland, visit Terrapin Adventures.

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