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Terrapin Adventures offers unique, thrilling outdoor adventures where tour groups will soar through the air and defy gravity including:

  • Climbing Tower with 12 ways up & down
  • High Ropes Challenge Course with 3 levels and 19 elements
  • Giant Swing with 2 G’s of exhilaration
  • Zip line with 330 ft. of fun
Try New Adventures

Try New Adventures

Our youth adventure programs build confidence and fitness, providing lessons not learned in traditional classrooms. As they enjoy the great outdoors, our guides will entertain and educate your group about the local flora and fauna, the Chesapeake Baywatershed, the forest, local history, and what we can do to protect the environment.

A good first start is to complete a Team Building Inquiry Form or call us for a free consultation at 301-725-1313.

Why Choose Terrapin Adventures?

Terrapin Adventures understands the pressure kids are under today. Striving to compete in school, sports, music and extra curricular activities can be stressful. Our facility is like no other in Maryland plus we can go off-campus as needed. Our team leaders have many years of experience running working with school age groups. Your program will be personalized to your groups needs.

Why It Works?

Our programs focus on fun and having kids work together to learn. Through carefully designed uplifting activities, bridges to communication are built, cooperation is improved, and creative problem solving is unleashed. Participants will be encouraged to bend boundaries and extend comfort zones to expand their potential. TA operates under the concept of “challenge by choice” so rest assured that team members will not be asked to do things that are not comfortable.

Working Together

Working Together


Terrapin Adventures is easily accessible by Routes 95, 32 and 1.  We are 30 minutes from Baltimore, D.C. and Annapolis and have plenty of free bus parking.

Nearby Attractions

  • Toby’s Dinner Theatre – 8 miles
  • Medieval Times at Arundel Mills – 11 miles
  • Baltimore’s Inner Harbor – 18 miles
  • D.C. monuments, museums – 25 miles
  • 50 plus lodging options within 20 miles


Student & Youth Group Team Building Program OptionsRequest a Date

Each program will start the day with some icebreaker activities. Afterwards, participants will be divided into sub-groups of approximately 10-15  participants. Groups will be lead through the challenges specific to each program as time allows.

Please note prices $5 more/pp Fri- Sun

Base Camp Package (3 – 4 hours) $36/pp

  • Excellent for groups looking for a fun, team building experience
  • Includes the Low Ropes elements, Zip Line, and Giant Swing

Ascent Package (4 – 5 hours) $49/pp

  • Great for groups looking for high adventures, as well as team building challenges
  • Includes either High Ropes Challenge OR Terrapin Tower, as well as Low Ropes elements, Zip Line, and Giant Swing

Summit Package (5 – 6  hours) $59/pp

  • Perfect for groups looking for a full day, total adventure course experience.
  • Includes the Low Ropes elements, High Ropes Challenge, Terrapin Tower, Zip Line, and Giant Swing

Traverse Package (3 – 4 hours) $41/pp

  • Targeted for groups seeking high degree of physical challenge and team building
  • Includes the Terrapin Tower, Low Ropes elements, and Zip Line
  • Minimum program weight requirement is 60lbs so this is tailored to younger groups
Sharing New Experiences

Sharing New Experiences

Depending on your group’s program option, you will participate in the some or all of the following course features. Terrapin Adventures will facilitate all events, however chaperones will be needed for supervision of minors and to assist when required. Our course has the following elements and amenities:

  • Low Ropes Course Challenges – Participate in games and exercises that are no more than 3 feet of the ground. During these activities, facilitators will make use of various props and the permanent outdoor elements of our course. These activities will use both mental and minor physical challenges, which focus on developing trust, improving communication, and working together as a team. We will debrief each activity in order to reinforce concepts and tie the information learned back to their personal lives.
  • High Ropes Challenge Course – Balance across elements with names like Heebie Jeebie, Islands in the Sky, Raider Bridge, and Wobbly Log. Starting only 12 feet off the ground, participants will progress up to 45 feet up through a series of traverses while connected to our state of the art continuous belay system. There are over 19 different traverses to conquer.
  • Terrapin Tower – Scale the exhilarating routes our climbing tower has to offer. Two walls have traditional rock climbing holds, while the other two sides are combination of cargo nets, rope ladders, and custom climbing routes.  See if you can go up and down all 12 ways of our climbing tower with its vertical play pen.  Students will help each other ft. tower scale the 43.
  • Zip Line – Conquer your fears by balancing across a 30-foot traverse before reaching the zip platform. Once there, we will transfer you to our 330-foot zip line cable, and after clearing the line, participants will zip at 20mph the entire length of the line, before returning half way to be unloaded.
  • Giant Swing – Experience 2 G’s of force as up to 3 students at a time get lifted 40 feet in the air before swooshing through the canopy.
  • Lunch – Choose from one of our menu options, or provide your own food. We can have the groups utilize our indoor studio space, rotating as needed. Outside picnic space is also available. During lunch we can lead discussions on environmental concepts like Recycling, Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Leave No Trace
Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

Bonus Features

For every 10 paid participants, one chaperone may participate for free as time allows· We post your groups’ action shots on our Facebook page so participants can remember ad share their day at Terrapin Adventures.  We also have free WiFi access.


We require one chaperone for every 12 participants, and a minimum of 2 chaperones.

All participants must be at least 8 years old, 48 inches tall, and weigh at least 70 lbs unless stated otherwise.

Please call for rates. Add $5 per person for Friday, Saturday & Sunday dates.  Pricing is subject to change, availability and minimum group sizes. We can customize a program specifically for your groups needs.  We recognize that student tour groups have very full schedules.  We can accommodate early in day or into the evening programs including food.

Curriculum Based Programs

Terrapin Adventures is proud to provide a fun and educational environment for your school. Our professional guides will happily facilitate a common core standard oriented experience. Our team-building debriefs encourage evidence based learning that can touch on broadly applicable Maryland specific and common core standards.  Students at Terrapin Adventures will be faced with team-building challenges that will require effective questioning and defining of problems, analyzing and interpreting data they receive, and problem solving for solutions. If your school is looking for a topic specific learning experience, a visit to Terrapin dovetails perfectly with a Science unit on the Chesapeake Watershed (the Little Patuxent flows through our backyard), an English unit on controlling language (our reflections on communication discuss how intonation, pitch, volume, pause, and rate all influence meaning), or a Math unit on physics (our giant swing is one very big math problem.) Whatever your educational needs may be, we at Terrapin Adventures look foreward to helping provide a fun learning experience

Add-on Options per person

  • Pizza Lunch $10.00
  • Healthy Picnic Luch $14.00
  • Gourmet Box Lunch $22.00Get Quote Now

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