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Our programs breakdown barriers, so your staff begins to work as a team and become more efficient workers and happier employees. Through carefully designed uplifting activities, bridges to communication are built, cooperation is improved, and creative problem solving is unleashed.

Steps in OurTeam Building Process
First we want to know about your organization.  By having a conversation we can come up with a custom approach that is tailored to your organization.  We will want to know:
1.    What does your organization do and it’s recent history.
2.    The demographic make up of the group planning an event.
3.    Specific internal and external issues affecting your company and this group.
4.    Your specific goals to accomplish during your time with us.

A good first start is to complete a Team Building Inquiry Form or call us for a free consultation at 301-725-1313.  Every organization is different. We pride ourselves on being very creative to come up with a program plan that that is uplifting, energizing, fun, and meaningful.

Challenge Yourself and Your Team

Challenge Yourself and Your Team

Why Choose Terrapin Adventures?
Terrapin Adventures understands business and non-profits. Our convenient Savage facility is like no other in Maryland plus we can go off-campus as needed. Our facilitators have many years of experience running companies and guiding groups. We take the lessons learned in the field and apply these to your workforce for meaningful outcomes. Your event will be personalized to your company’s needs. You will get real value from your half or full day program.

Non-profits have the same performance concerns that for profit business groups have.  Yet they are often asked to perform at high levels with less resources. We are sensitive to the budget and time constraints that many non-profits operate under.  We will work with you to design a cost-effective program that is a good value and helps build critical morale.

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We understand non-profit team building and embrace experiential learning as a powerful learning tool.  Participants will be encouraged to bend boundaries and extend comfort zones to expand their potential. TA operates under the concept of “challenge by choice” so rest assured that team members will not be asked to do things that they are uncomfortable with.

Importance of Reflection & Debriefing
After each exercise, our facilitators will stimulate the group to discuss what worked and didn’t work well.  Our facilitator will ask how might the group change things for a different result.  Finally we try to tie the lessons learned back to what happens in your work place or home.  Failure is not a bad thing.  In fact, groups learn more when they fail versus succeeding.  We hope to create those “aha” moments that give participants real insight.

Problem Solve As A Team

Problem Solve As A Team

Team Building Process
After our initial consult, we will send a customized proposal with different options to choose from.  We encourage questions as we want you to reach your goals.  Prior to your team-building event, our lead facilitator will call you to go over more specific ideas to make sure we have a successful program.  At that time they will review logistics, meeting space, activities, and food if applicable.

Examples of Activities & Sample Itineraries For Non-Profit Groups

8:00am -8:30am   Continental Breakfast or full hot breakfast.

8:30am- 9:30am   Ice breaking activities done in both large and small groups to warm up group and set the tone for a fun day. These exercises can be done indoors or outside. Often, the group lays out its goals for the day through an exercise called a full value contract.

9:30am- 12pm   Group is broken down into smaller teams of 10-15 people. Each group then is led by a specially trained facilitator through our low ropes challenge course. Using props and our low course elements, the team will engage in a series of low ground based challenge elements. The exercises are adjusted based on the goals of the group and their physical abilities.

Find the Missing Link to Improved Team Performance

Find the Missing Link to Improved Team Performance

12pm- 12:30pm   Lunch with the facilitators. Lunch options include a gourmet box lunch, make your own sandwich, pizza, or a full hot buffet with sides, salads, fruit, desert and beverages. Vegetarian options available. Let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions.  During lunch we take the pulse of the group and discuss what they liked and didn’t like to make adjustments for the afternoon. Option to extend the lunch period and incorporate seated massages with our on-site wellness center partner, Good Life Wellness Center.

12:30pm- 4:30pm   After lunch, we take on more complex challenges on the low course and add barriers and constraints to mimic real life. Then there are a number of options to take team building to the next level. Samples of afternoon programs include:

Program OptionsRequest a Date

Thrill Challenges:    We employ our Zip Line and Giant Swing to end the day on a high exhilarating note.  Team members build confidence by trying these events and hopefully encourage people trying new challenges.

High Adventure Team Building:  We employ our High Ropes Course and Climbing Tower to create an exciting venue. Members challenge themselves and team members to get outside their comfort zone and try new things. At each venue, team members will be actively involved in spotting, belaying, and supporting their teammates.

Terrapin Olympics:   We engage your group to compete in a series of friendly and unusual team building events we call our Terrapin Olympics. Using a shot-gun start, each team will rotate through some wacky and challenging events that will stimulate communication, creativity, and team work. At the end of the rotations, we tally up the scores and share the results with your team for bragging rights and prizes.

Adventure Impossible:   Your mission if you choose to accept it, will be full of action packed fun. Each of your teams will complete different challenges on our low and high courses to collect clues to solve a cipher.  Challenges may navigating the 40 foot tall high ropes course and collect clues at each level. Next your group might test its speed, agility, and team-work using our labyrinth puzzle, pipeline obstacle course and Australian trolleys to collect additional clues. Then onto the Terrapin Tower where team members must scale the climbing tower and be lowered by their group to retrieve the final clues. The group must solve the mystery before they can move on. Finally you must escape via the Giant Swing before your mission is complete.

Scavenger Treasure Hunt:  The group will work together using hand held GPS units to find a variety of items in the woods.

Builder Challenge:  Teams work to build an item and test it. Examples include building a protective cage for an egg that will be dropped from successive heights. Another project is for the team to build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape strong enough to hold a person and go across the river.

Bring group back together to debrief the day’s events, lessons learned and how they apply to work and personal life. We try to use the recently unleashed creative problem solving to recommend solutions to problems/barriers at their company.

Post team building activities include a happy hour at Rams Head Tavern next door. Rejuvenate your spirits with food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers.Request a Date

Have A Great Day With Co-workers

Have A Great Day With Co-workers

Our Facilities & Amenities
Terrapin Adventures Team Building Programs will provide comfortable indoor meeting space, safe and exhilarating outdoor courses, healthy high-energy food and clean modern rest rooms. We have arrangements with local caterers to provide simple to elegant meals during your program. We also can incorporate wellness/spa programs to complement the team building activities to treat your staff to some well deserved pampering for a day they won’t forget. We can handle groups up to 200 people. We use the Manor House, the Savage Mill Great Room and Rams Head Tavern, which are on site and wonderful spaces.   For those groups looking to do multi-day programs, we can assist you arranging convenient with lodging and transportation.

Our Facilitators
Our team is led by Chief Adventure Officer Matt Baker. Matt has been running businesses of all sizes for over 30 years. He understands how to improve profitability and employee performance and has a successful track record of improving the bottom line. His specialty is taking lessons learned in the field and applying them to help your company solve a problem or improve performance. Matt has traveled the world seeking adventure from the mountains of New Zealand, to the Serengeti plains of Africa, to the cloud forests of Costa Rica and the Amazon. We employ a variety of professional team builders so we can choose the perfect facilitator to meet your needs and budget.

Off Site Team Building Programs
Terrapin Adventures can bring our portable equipment to you. We can design 2- 8 hour programs that will energize your team. We can come to your facility or lead your staff at an off-site meeting facility like a hotel or conference center.

Sample Team Building Exercises:
To see a sampling of some of the team building exercises we use at Terrapin Adventures, download this PDF.

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