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Below is a list of some of our clients and testimonials for the hundreds of uplifting and meaningful programs for CorporateSchool/Youth GroupsCollegesNon-ProfitsStudent Tour Operators , and Sports Teams we have run. We would be happy to provide references from similar groups like yours.

Corporate GroupsGet Quote Now

AAI Corporation
Abbott Labs
Advantage Title
Agora Publishing
Baltimore Washington Medical Center
Beckman Coulter
Bella Salon –Baltimore
BET Entertainment
Biolin Scientific
BL Seamon Corp
Booz Allen & Hamilton
Campbell Soup
Celeste Corporation
Centers for Medicaid and State Operations, CMS
Chesapeake Corporate Advisors
Chick Fil A
Clearly Dental
Collins Funeral Home
Columbia Association
Columbia Sheraton Mgt. Team
Constellation Energy
Convergence Technology Consulting
D.C. Department of Health, Health Professional Licensing Administration
Dave & Busters
Davita Corporation
Department of Defense
Dept of Veterans Affairs
Depuy Mitek
Entertainment Cruises
Ernst & Young
Evolve Technology
Federal Drug Administration
FedEx Ground
Fentress Inc
First Real Estate Management
FTI Consulting
Gibraltar Associates
Goodman MFG
GP Strategies
Grubb Ellis Management Services
HD Supply
Holcim Inc
Howard County Public School Staff
International American Development Bank
Jocobs Technology
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing & Communications Dept
Johns Hopkins Psych Department
Johns Hopkins University Radiology IT Dept
Johnson Controls
Keller Wiliams Realty
Key Tech
Lease Direct

Legacy Investments
M Technology Specialists
Maryland Live Casino
MD Dept of Transportation
Merkle Inc
Mile Stone Advisors
Montgomery Irrigation
National Geographic Society
Navy Federal Credit Union
Northrup Gruman
Optimal Networks Inc.
Oxford Club
Parson Engineering
Permuta Technologies
PNC Bank
Rx Trials
Sabre Engineering
SC&H Group Accounting Firm
Secure Innovations
Smart CEO
Stewart Labbbe & Pandya Orthodontics
Sunrise Senior Living
T Rowe Price
Tanks Direct
The Bith Group
The Columbia Bank
The Green Turtle
The Premier Companies
U. S. Airforce Langley AFB
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Congressman Mike Honda’s Office
U.S. Dept of Agriculture
U.S. Dept of Army
U.S. Dept of Education
U.S. Navy Seal Cadet Program
University of Maryland Facilities Management Team
University of Maryland OB/Gyn Department
University of Maryland People Soft
Us Army Test and Evaluation Command
Varen Technologies
Volkswagen of America
W.R. Grace
Whole Foods
Wilhem Commercial Builders
World Bank
Zip Car

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Corporate TestimonialsGet Quote Now

Our clients include: The World Bank, Medstar, Johns Hopkins, Microsoft, Constellation Energy, FedEx, GP Strategies, Marriott, Pepsico, T Rowe Price and more….

Hi Matt,
I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic staff. We’ve taken this group, or parts of it, to Upward Enterprises and Go Ape for sort-of similar activities. Your program far exceeds both of those programs.Our group had a great time.
Please thank our guides – they really were outstanding.

April Wallace, Georgetown University/Providence Hospital -Family Medicine Residency

Matt, We thoroughly enjoyed our off-site program at the Sheraton!  We found the exercises thought provoking and expertly designed to create possibilities and ensure team cohesiveness.  We learned the many intracacies of the “team” dynamic from Terrapin and now, KRA is a stronger workforce as a result.  BRAVO Terrapin and BRAVO KRA!

Wenda Harbour, KRA Corporation

Matt, Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for taking such great care of our team!  The experience was exactly how I imagined and you and Jason couldn’t have been better in your facilitation.  The group was very complimentary of you and the amazing facility you have.  So kind of you to forward the pictures for us.  The pictures will provide a lifetime of memories for us all!

Blair Philbrick Pentec Health Incorporated

Hi Matt,  Thanks again for you and your teams time and effort yesterday.  From the opening exercise through the ball balancing, the “trolley” and the alligator boards, and the closing exercises – everyone was engaged and having fun.  Based on the quick review of the evaluations I looked at this morning, the staff was very pleased with the time and the team building.

Colleen Luzeir, Founder and President of HR Solutions, Inc.

You all run a great program.  It was easy to set up, and the concerns dissipated quickly on the day of the team building event.  Many of the the other staff members have praised your performance.  Thank you!  As an organization that is growing and developing, this was a great way to frame our values discussion and to have us establish our cultural ideologies.

Kate Stritzinger, Transitional Housing Corporation

Thanks for a great team building day! It really exceeded my expectations. I plan to also spread the word throughout our building. Really cool stuff!!

David Wasserman, Regional Sales Manager – Reach Local

I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful afternoon.  The entire office can’t stop talking about it, everyone left with their own great story. The minute we entered your center we were greeted by a friendly and incredibly helpful staff.  Several of our staff members are terrified of heights but can’t stop singing Missy and Rachel’s praises for encouraging them on the giant swing and zipline.  Our Medical Director has been wanting to participate in a build-a-boat contest for years and even though both boats sank IMMEDIATELY he was thrilled!  Were looking forward to coming back next year, but you’ll probably see quite a few of us back before then.
Kelly Robinson Supervisor of Staff and Patient Care KinderMender: Pediatric Walk-In Center


Thanks Steve. We had a great time. In facto everyone reported that they thought the workshop and your facilities met our needs very well.

Peter Nassif, Holcim, Inc.

This was a GRRRRREAT team building activity and I was extremely excited to be a part and felt kind of officially vetted into the CAP team. It was also good to chat with folks who I normally exchange pleasantries with but never have had a conversation with outside of the office environment. I think we realize what we share in common outside of the workplace and also learning about individuals backgrounds/experiences was interesting as well. I was also amazed and inspired by my team mates tenacity and strength throughout the day as he normally kept to himself, not to mention that he is on another work team. I also think another important benefit of the Terrapin Adventures beyond team building was the physical nature of the tasks that go people moving- physical fitness/health. I look forward to future activities

Teamwork gets the job done. Getting to know more about our teammates under stress helps us adjust ourselves. Constant two-way communication among team members solves problems quicker.

Participants from University of Maryland, Facilities Department, Capital Projects Group

On October 21st, our staff set out for quite an adventure. We arrived early in the morning- it was cool and damp, emotions ran from excitement to anxiety. Some asked “What is going to be required of us?” Others just asked, “What we were doing her?” Soon after we arrived your staff went into action and alleviated much of our fears. Once the check-in was complete our adventure began.

The first activity we participated in was the rear-window game, with the seekers, talker and the communicators. Our team struggled with mistakes but we learned the most from that experience. It had a strong lesson about needing to ensure the recipient of your communication knows what the intent is and what to do with the message. Once we changed positions, it was obvious that we all this meaning away with us. Another exercise was the whichit/whoosit activity. Everyone took this lightly, but the message at the end was profound and very in line with Boeing leadership values: concentrate on your own role and execute flawlessly.

The groups then went off towards their own adventures, both on different courses yet still learning similar lessons. Everyone had a chance to play a separate role in each of the activities teaching us how important it is to utilize our teammates. We were asked to complete several tasks and everyone had their own ideas about how to go about them. It was interesting to see all the different approaches individuals’ came up with. Many stated they would have never thought of some of the solutions that others did. This taught us to look broader when searching for a solution.

Providing the team with recreational activities such as the giant swing and the zip line was a definite bonus and very pleasant way to end the day at Terrapin. It allowed individuals to just plan have fun or even push themselves to try something new. Many found it helpful to have interaction and activity in a non-corporate setting.

We appreciate the opportunity for this adventure. Through out the full experience, your facilitators were professional and supportive. They allowed us to be creative and fin our own way. At the end of the day, the importance of leadership, openness, trust, and creativity among the team shined through.

John Cave, Director Supplier Management, Boeing

I received sooooo many favorable responses from my staff of the great time that we had a Terrapin Adventures; we’ve been sharing photos and videos. I’ve received so many compliments for putting together a dynamic outing, you made me a big hero her at Agroa.

Karen Roberts, Agora Publishing

Matt, thank you. The team is still talking about their experience and making plans to come back with family and friends. I am seeing a difference in communication styles, smiles and overall improved interaction with the team. I am sure you will see more teams soon. We have also been using the “chicken wings” to huddle and discuss matters.

Bonne Rampesaud, Executive Director -Department of Health -DC Board of Allied & Behavorial Health

Dear Matt,

From the consensus of opinion of this group, we had an excellent experience with you and your crew at Terrapin Adventures. Everyone had a chance to participate and learn more about group dynamics, improved communication style and also to learn more about each other. One of the particpants had commented that they will take with them wonderful memories from this training. Many thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.

Jeffery Tworzyanski
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Hi Matt,

I want to thank you, Jason, Lisa, Billy, Steve and the other Terrapin Olympic Game facilitators for all of your hard work planning and executing our event yesterday. The feedback I’ve gotten for this year’s event has been very positive. Many said this has been their favorite of all the team building events we’ve had over the past five years. The combination of the two venues while complicated for you to coordinate was really a hit! Thank you to you and your team for all of your efforts and enthusiasm which made our day so enjoyable.

Andrea Zakowsky
SC& H Group

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all the fun Wednesday! As you can imagine, everyone was talking about it yesterday. Mission Accomplished!

Maria Delgado McCambridge, MBA - Marketing & Communications - Johns Hopkins Medicine

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know how happy I was with the way things went last Thursday. Your staff was amazing and I haven’t stopped hearing about how much fun everyone had. We do an outing annually (I’ve been setting them up for about 10 years now) and everyone is raving about your facility… that this was the best time they have had over the years. So thank you to you and your staff for making our trip there something to remember. And for wearing us out.

Joyce Diamond -Oxford Club


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed participating in the meeting you ran last week for the Howard County Human Resource Society. I had not realized how much it would be but more importantly, how much easier it made getting to know the people attending the meeting. When I go to a group or association meeting, it is difficult to connect on that level so quickly. You group exercises really made a big difference and it was fun. I will be sure to recommend you and Terrapin Adventures to any business interested in building team skills.

Mindy Guisewite - Horenberg Insurance Services

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work your team put forth on Friday to help make our experience fun filled. We had an excellent time! The general feedback from Friday was positively awesome. We achieved exactly the results needed- everyone went home exhausted and happy.

Cindy Knowles -AAI Corporation

Dear Jason

We had a great time with al the activities that you planned for us and we appreciated your quick thinking to change up some of the activities that were originally planned in order to constantly keep our group on our toes. You did a fantastic job as our facilitator! The rest of the staff that we encountered during our visit were great as well, very helpful and friendly.

Michele Steele -First Real Estate Management

Hi Matt,

Thanks again for supporting another aircraft carrier event. All things consider the event achieved the objectives and met the expectations of Lisa and I. We appreciated the customized ‘whole’ team challenges. Below are comments from the participants directly. None of which include specific feedback about their facilitator. I have no negative comments about your facilitation team.

Participant Comments:

  • ROPES always seem to pull the team together.  Great feedback from all was received.  Team members continued to talk about the event for several days afterward.
  • Safety.  Not a given!  Not a good plan running on asphalt.
  • This was fun!!
  • Best course I have ever been on for ROPES.
  • This is the best team-building activity of all.  It would be interesting to see if all the groups could be more integrated and less segregated throughout the day.

Thank you again for a great event.

Dawn K. Wilson – Performance Consultant
CACI Enterprise Solutions Inc | Human Capital Consulting
NAVSEA Integrated Project Team Development Aircraft Carrier


I felt like the option to do indoor activities made the experience much better for me and for those who were not able to do the outdoor activities.  Even though we had the option to cheer on our fellow teammates it still took some of the pressure off knowing we had a choice.  I really enjoyed myself and especially when I had to use my brain.  Even though we were indoors we still had to rely on our teammates to complete the task.  You could really see the team work when it came right down to it.  Thanks for the opportunity for fun and work!


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School & Youth GroupsGet Quote Now

Adventure Point Youth Center
Alpha Phi Towson University
Anne Arundel County Rec & Park Summer Camps
Baltimore County Police Athletic League
Bonnie Branch Middle School
Booker T Washington Middle School
Bowie Chamber of Commerce Student Leadership Group
Brooklyn Park Teen Club
Calvert County Parks and Recreation Summer Camps
Camp Gan Israel
Capital City Church Youth Group
Chesapeake Scient Point
Christ Church Vienna Youth Group
City Neighbors School
Columbia Academy
Columbia Jewish Community School
DC Bilingual Public Charter School
Father Andrew White School
Foundation Schools
Friendship Public Charter School
Frost School
Ft. Dietrich Youth Group
Ft. Meade Afterschool Program
Garrison Forrest School
Glenelg County Day School Howard County
Greenmount School
Heritage Christian Academy
Heritage Community Academy
High Road Academy
Holy Redeemer School
Holy Trinity School Summer Camps
Homewood School- Howard County
Hope Academy
Howard High School
Kipp DC
Lake Elkhorn Middle
Laurel Woods Elementary
Leadership U Howard County
Marley Middle School
Maya Angelo
Mayfield Woods Middle
Meade Middle School
Mt. Hebron High School
National Academy Foundation
National Collegiate Charter Prep
National Student Leadership Conference
North Carroll Community School
Oakland Mills Middle School
Oseh Shalom
Pathways Cross Roads
Ramaz School NYC
School of Incarnation
St Johns Elementary School
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Marks Episcopal Church Youth Group
St. Martins Episcopal School
St. Marys of the Mill
St. Thomas Aquino Middle School
The Mount Washington School
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Upward Bound UMBC
Washington Yu Ying School
Wilde Lake Middle School
Woods Church
YMCA Ellicott City Summer Campers

CollegesGet Quote Now

American University Kogod School of Business
Anne Arundel Community College
Bowie State University Residential Life
Community College of Baltimore County
George Washington School of Engineering
Georgetown University MBA Program
Georgetown Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellows
Goucher College
Howard University
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Marymount University
Morgan State University
Prince Georges Community College
Stevenson University Resident Assistants
University of Maryland Baltimore County Summer Bridge Program
University of Maryland School of Business
University of Maryland Sports Medicine

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School, Camp & Youth Group TestimonialsGet Quote Now

Hi Jeremy,
Our kids had a great time! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from parents, students, and chaperones. Thank you to all of our great facilitators – they did an excellent job!! We especially appreciated the emphasis on the processing questions for each activity. It definitely helped us meet our learning goals for the field trip.
Thank you!!
Alysia K.
St. Marks School
Matt and Jeryl, Thanks so much for hosting the Oseh Shalom Kids Club. We had a terrific time. The staff is inventive and filled with energy and enthusiasm. The kids fed off this energy and used it to first learn the games they played and then to challenge themselves to conquer the low course obstacles. They all had a blast doing it. Ending the day with the Giant Swing and the Zip-Line made this experience one they will carry with them for many years to come. The faces…and then the screams of excitement were wonderful to hear. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Thanks again,

Michael Becker - V.P. Oseh Shalom

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for reaching out to me. We had a wonderful day at Terrapin Adventures. Your staff was excellent and our students had an unforgettable experience. Pauline is doing well and her classmates have supported her and encourage her. She was an inspiration in how she stepped out of her comfort zone and didn’t allow fear to stop her from enjoying the experience. Thank you & the team for being supportive, caring, and professional too.

Stacy Smith
High School History Teacher
Heritage Christian Academy

Hi Lisa,

Our group had a terrific time at your facility. Overall the students thought that the activities were engaging, challenging, and helped them to work together to problem solve. We processed the trip and experiences the next day in class and the students had the opportunity to share their favorite activity and what they felt really challenged them. The students also went home and shared with their parents what an incredible, fun, and scary (at times) experience they had.

From a teachers’ perspective, we felt that both counselors were well equipped to deal the students. Both managed the students well, handled any stress or hesitation that arose, provide a safe but encouraging atmosphere for the students to take risks. We thought that the counselors’ responses to the students demonstrated knowledge of child development for middle school students. As their teacher, I could see the difference the next day as the students interacted with their peers. They were more confident and trusted that their classmates respected and valued them. Having a convenient location for lunch and bathroom facilities was also key.

Tonnet R.
Greenmount School

You guys totally ROCK!

After almost 10 years working at Homewood, this as a “feel good” field trip….One of the BEST EVER!

Suzi Young
Homewood School
Howard County Public Schools

Dear Matt

I wanted to write to you right away to let you know how exceptional the group of professionals that you had with our students were – they were invested in the program and they engaged the new students and the seniors- not an easy task- please let them know how appreciative I am of the work they did- I know that the program was complex but you and the team were great!

DeeDee Bendel Education Director
The Ramaz School
New York City

Holy Trinity Summer Camps have been coming to Terrapin Adventures for the past four years and it is always the highlight of the summer. The course and challenges are great and the campers always have wonderful time. Your staff does an excellent job of encouraging the campers to push themselves outside their comfort zone, and make sure they have a fun time while doing so. I am very much looking forward to returning with my campers next summer.

Dominic Feragamo
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School

Dear Steve

Thank you so much for your facilitation and participation in our Leadership U program. Your staff were also terrific and the kids really benefitted from the activities. As you are aware, team building is a critical aspect of working with any group and you really helped show our students how to put it to use.

Diane Freedman -Youth Director Leadership Howard County

Hey Jeremy!

I cannot thank you and Terrapin Adventures enough for the great time we ALL had last week! I love the team building exercises, the guided discovery activities and of course the self fulfilling challenges set by the ropes course, zip line, swing and rock climbing! The guides were wonderful, stern when behavior called for it and inclusive with all the students. I would live to bring back two groups next year.

Megan Birmingham
Health & Physical Education
Chesapeake Science Point School

Terrapin Adventures offered my high school teen girl scouts an incredible experience! The challenge and variety of activities was wonderful. The girls loved the climbing wall giant swing and ziplining, but best of all the High Ropes Course. This was a true challenge to them as well as me; quite the accomplishment and sense of pride being able to endure such a course and especially adding the height factor!

Lastly, though you probably get such stories all the time – I thought I’d share one from our day…

As you may imagine, the teens had different levels of nervousness about the activities, but one of our teens is particularly terrified of heights. With A LOT of verbal support from the others, he made it onto the giant swing. Having been convinced to swing from the halfway point, the team then encouraged him go to the top. However, once up there, he didn’t want to pull the release – he just wanted to be lowered down slowly – as he had gone up. We all wanted him to pull the cord and experience the rush. However, he really didn’t want to. Sitting up there with his two teammates, one of them eventually said (without disappointment or judgment), “I think we should just come down. It’s okay; he made it up here to a new height…let’s just come down for now.”

Anyway, it was cool to see the teens really encourage the one young man to go beyond his comfort zone, but then also know and respect the limits of their teammate. Talking with the teens afterward, we spoke about trusting teammates, knowing that they have your back…but that they’re also going to challenge you to go a bit further than you have before. As the end of the day, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, and he said the giant swing :)

Thanks again and have a great week!

Bailey Skils
Capital City Church Youth Group

Since we had a range of children from ages 11-17, it was important for the teens to really get to know one another and work together with others outside their typical group of friends. This goal was most assuredly met with the teens assigned with a mix of other teens that they were minimally acquainted with. The activities really brought them outside of their comfort zones and caused them to work together, alleviating any feelings of awkwardness.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, enthusiasm, and patience while working with our group. We were all totally satisfied and are looking forward to returning to Terrapin Adventures in the future. The teens are still talking about the challenges and they each had nothing but good comments to say about their experiences and their leaders. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not including an extra fee for the teens that included a tip (because you each sure earned it); thus I will be sure to forward this to you by the spring. Again, thank you for your services. As the teens would say, “You Rock!!”

Tammy Richards
Classical Conversations


Our students had an amazing time at the ropes course.  The course helped our group of students, who only met each other the night before, become a team.  As a leadership conference, we schedule this course as our first team-building event…and Terrapin never fails to deliver.  The facilitators took the time to understand our organization, our programs and our goals for the students and then designed debriefs for each event that emphasized the leadership skills we aim to develop.  The students enjoyed each event, from low ropes activities to the amazing zip-line.  They were wowed from the moment our buses arrived.  The facility is up-to-date, clean and offers enough options to handle groups of all sizes.  We would love to thank all the group facilitators and Terrapin’s director for helping us with another successful summer!

Susan E. Woolf
Director of Operations, D.C. Programs, National Student Leadership Conference

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Recreational Guest Testimonials

Today I came to Terrapin Adventures with my 9-year-old daughter Marie. I’m guessing Matt would remember us. He was so nice and so was everyone else today. Poor Marie ended up so full of fear you guys had to help her down. But for me, I really wanted to finish the challenge course. I wanted to accomplish something I never dreamed I could. For some it might have been trivial but to me it meant a great deal. I’ve lost 200 lbs. in the past 3 years (without surgery) and I’ve really tried to become a p person I can be proud of. Today was a huge step for me in overcoming so many fears. Jumping off those platforms today was amazing. I’ve been telling myself I can do anything and today helped prove that to me even more



The girls had a great time at Shelby’s birthday party and we were very impressed. Your guides did a great job and it was well organized and very safe. Thanks so much. You had about 20 girls and families who had a great time and will likely come back. Several were disappointed that the camps started at 12 versus 11. Maybe next year.

Susan Patrick
Patrick Communications

Matt -

Terrapin Adventures was a lot of fun. We had seven in our group, including an autistic teenager. Your staff made the whole adventure a wonderful experience for her and her sister, who was celebrating her 17th birthday. The traversing across the ropes to get to the platform to zipline was challenging but made it even more of an adventure. Your staff was fantastic. Everyone was very helpful and very encouraging to each one of us. We especially appreciated the attention they provided to our autistic daughter in getting her across the ropes, properly fastened and safely sent on the same adventure the rest of us enjoyed. We all had a blast. After the zipline rides, three of us were given a bonus ride on the swing to celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday. The ride pulled us up high in the air and then we controlled when our line released. The ride was even more thrilling than the zipline! The swing was quite a rush- but it was not for the squeamish. We would highly recommend your adventure to everyone as a great local outing for the whole family. Many thanks again for your professional staff and their ability to handle our special needs– all the best to you all!

Debbie, Rich, Christina and Rebecca Rivera
Chantilly, VA

My husband and I came out on Sept 4th to celebrate his 40th birthday. I really wanted to make it memorable for him. I was so scared, almost to tears. Matt, you and your staff encouraged and supported us (me) just to take the first step. I know that I would have regretted it if I had not done the course. I would have given up If it were not for you! Thank you so much. In the end it was all of you that made Ted’s birthday special.

Tamie Reith
San Antonio Texas

My wife, two children, William and Sarah and I visited your facility on Saturday April 17th… We did the Terrapin Challenge. We had an AWESOME time, and your young professionals on the course were both experienced and understanding. Our Sarah was scared to death at the start and was calmly talked to and encourage by your team. By the end of our four hours, she was going along on her own, her confidence growing with every step… Special thanks to your workers Sara and Becca for the patience they showed with our Sarah.

Bob Patterson
Sparrows Point, MD

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Girl Scout Testimonial

Veronica Phelps
Teen Advisor
Girl Scout Troop 5147

I can’t tell you how wonderful the Soaring Adventure’s program for our Girl Scout troop was. Everyone LOVED it and we have many folks who want to come back. The entire Terrapin Adventure team was wonderful, working the group, keeping things moving along and making everything exciting and fun. What really impressed me was how this experience really pushed the girls to test their limits and face their fears. While not everyone made it to the top, I know they all learned a lot about themselves and team work.

Suzie Egolf
Leader Girl Scout Troop 5315

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Non-Profit GroupsGet Quote Now

Americorps Community Health Care
Anne Arundel Community Action Agency
Billy the Kid
Chase Kick Ball League
Classical Conversations
Community Health Integrated Partnships MD
Cornerstone Christian Academy
DC Private Charter School Board
Delta Sigma Theta EMBODI
Howard County Human Resource Society
Howard County Police Pledge Camp
Imagine Foundation
Kennedy Krieger
Latin American Youth Center
Leadership Prince Georges
National Association of Attorney Generals
Prince Georges County Office of Law
Serenity Acres Treatment Centers
Sierra Club
Society for Science in the Pubic
Study Abroad Foundation
Teach For America
Turnaround Inc.
Ulman Cancer Center for Young Adults
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society
Wounded Warrior Project
Young Men With Power
Youth Employability Program Chesapeake College

Non-Profit Testimonials


Each and everyone of us had a wonderful time and great things were taken away from the event. I received excellent feedback from the warriors about their experiences pre and post the event. In addition, many spoke about their fears and anxieties that they faced and conquered with the activities provided at Terrapin Adventures.

Denise Hamlin Glover
Wounded Warrior Project

Hi Jason

I can vouch for the while Yu Ying teacher team when I say we had an incredible experience at Terrapin Adventures. The activities your staff conducted with our groups were excellent and really pushed us think outside the box, improve communication, and learn to better work as a team. We were often surprised and proud of the outcome of each task we ere tested with. The zip line and giant swing were thrilling and fun; they pushed several of our teachers to face their fears and many enjoyed the experience.

Bonne Berry
Washington Yu Ying PCS


Good to hear from you.  We all had a great day.  We really enjoyed all the activities you facilitated with us.  You and Jim did a great job identifying some of the attributes of our team.  Like you, I was very proud of my staff because they did step out of their comfort zone and I really saw the staff encouraging those who were more timid.  I now hope that we will see some of that encouragement, support and camaraderie carry over day to day at Leland. We have a lot of new staff so it was a good time to have a team building day.

I am hopeful we will be able to come out to Terrapin Adventures again.  We are all looking forward to seeing our pictures of FB.

Thanks again ,

Leland House

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Sports TeamsGet Quote Now

Annapolis High School Boys and Girls Soccer
Catholic High School Womens Soccer
Catholic University Mens Baseball Team
Centennial HS Lacrosse
Freestate Freedom Soccer Team
Gwyned Maryland College Lacrosse
HCYP Patriot Softball Team
Johns Hopkins University Field Hockey
McDaniel College Swim Team
McDaniel Womens Lacrosse
Reservoir H.S. Softball Team
River Hill Varsity Volleyball
St. Maria Goretti High School Basketball
St. Marys Ryken Field Hockey
Strongsville Lady Mustangs
UMBC Baseball Team
UMBC Mens Basketball Team
UMBC Womens Basketball Team

Sports Team Testimonials

Hi Matt,

Just wanted you to know that the Strongsville Lady Mustangs Soccer team thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Terrapin Adventures!!! It was just the type of challenge we were looking for. Shaun did an awesome job of organizing the large group. The coaches/seniors had a customized experience just as we had hoped. All the chaperones enjoyed themselves and loved watching the team take on different elements.

Jamie Waskowski
Strongsville Girl Soccer

Student Tour Groups

Benedicts Bus Tours
Gerber Tours
Fantastic Tours
One If By Land Tours

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