Aerial Adventure

Experience the exhilarating feeling of being able to soar through the air at Terrapin Adventures! The awe of our outside facility with tall timber, ropes, and wood coincides with the scenic beauty of the forest. Whether you choose our Zip Line or Giant Swing – or both – watch out! The forest seems to come alive as you glide and swing through our natural habitat. We have a variety of Aerial Adventure options that will suit any age. Have a young child looking for a memorable day? Check out our Terrapin Explorer (new in August 2014)!

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is one of the most popular Aerial Adventures at Terrapin Adventures. As many as three people can be securely harnessed into this amazing and exciting ride! The question is – who will scream for joy first?

Just climb into the Giant Swing one at a time. You will be securely fastened by one our experienced guides. Safety is our number one priority at Terrapin Adventures! The winch system will then lift you and your friends up into the air to a height of almost 40 feet!

Hint: Ask your Guide to let you release the swing! You will have complete control to let the swing drop and you and your friends will experience almost 2 G’s of force! The birds eye view will leave you speechless. But, you need to keep your eyes open for this experience!

Zip Line

Another of the top attractions here at Terrapin Adventures is our Zip Line. Our Zip Line will have your gliding through the forest wizzing past trees in the forest for 330 feet and 30 feet in the air! Like speed? As you travel between trees at 20 miles per hour you will have a flying experience like no other!

With all our Aerial Adventures you will be wearing top of the line safety harness and protective headgear. Our guides will ensure that you are correctly using all harness and equipment and that all your questions are answered before you embark on any of our rides.

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